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Lead the way in communications with a full suite of cutting-edge apps for all business sizes. From Unified Communications (UC) platforms to specialized tools to boost productivity, find all you need to connect your team and your customers.


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iPECS UCS is a productivity-boosting app that consolidates all communications into a single system accessible from anywhere. Enable true enterprise mobility. Enhance collaboration to make workflow seamless. The world is ever more connected and ever more mobile. Empower your business to keep pace. UC is the future of business communications.

iPECS Clickcall

Make dialing as simple as possible
Make dialing simpler with an easy-to-use click-to-call application. No need to copy and paste, just click and select a number on your PC to quickly place a call.

iPECS Attendant

The perfect communication app for receptionists
Manage calls and more with the Windows-based app that supports receptionists. Integrate phones with other systems with a tool that enhances service and efficiency. Perfect for hospitality or any SMB or enterprise phone system and compatible with all iPECS communication platforms.